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The New Homes Performance Path program provides an opportunity for Northwest utilities to participate in a residential single family new construction program based on energy savings estimates generated by the REM/Rate software, currently used by builders and home energy raters across the country. NEEA, the Regional Technical Forum (RTF), and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) have created specific modeling requirements and program guidelines to ensure the program provides reliable energy savings for utilities across the Northwest.

The Performance Path enables utilities to leverage local home certification building programs (e.g., EnergyStar, Built Green, LEED, Earth Advantage, etc.) and/or create their own program and incentive structures to provide support for single family residential new construction projects.  Participating utilities may provide incentives (financial or otherwise) for any level of home performance they choose, and claim savings based on each home’s electric energy savings. The program allows flexibility at the utility level while streamlining payment requests to BPA.

With the Residential New Homes Performance Path, home energy “Raters” conduct the modeling and provide 3rd party verification of each project. NEEA will support Raters through training, technical assistance, and Quality Assurance. The Axis database previously used for Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes and the Energy Trust’s Energy Performance Score, will be used as the regional data collection tool and translate home specifications to utility grade energy savings.

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